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I have been sending and receiving flowers from Lohse's forever and they have always been lovely, lovely, lovely, BUT today my Birthday arrangement took all honors. Roses, tulips, daisies, lilies and (new to me) green Anastasia, a member of the spider mum family in a vibrant pink vase............breathtaking. My children and friends have called Patty for flowers and trust her enough to send what I love because she knows her customers. Thank you Patty...my florist and my friend. Next year we are celebrating Cinco De Mayo together.
-Ann Anderson-
I ordered flowers for my mother's 90th birthday party. The arrangement was gorgeous. It was just what I ordered - the flowers and the pink vase were a beautiful combination. I was very pleased. Thank you, Lohse Florist!
-Pam Molden-
Guests have not stopped complementing the floral arrangements done by Lohse Florist for my wedding...which was four years ago! I would highly recommend them for anyone in the area for any floral occasion including a Tuesday! Thank you again for the gorgeous flowers, I will cherish the memory for a lifetime!
-Jess Grasso-
The Best Florist Anywhere!
-Marlene Yestremski-
 At the last minute, on a Saturday, needed 2 bridesmaid's bouquet in less than 3 hours and within 40 minutes they were done and beautiful!!!! Thank you again for the quick attention and the beautiful arrangement done at a moment's notice!!!!
-Terri Brubaker-
To everyone buying flowers or thinking about buying flowers I recommend Lohse florist the owner is sweet, an the flowers are awesome.
-Tyaire Turner-
If you want beautiful flowers that last, Lohse, is the place to go. We have done business with them for over 20 years and never once been disappointed, and the service is outstanding. Would recommend for any occasion.
-Bonita Mitchell-
Lohse Florist has always been my family's Florist. The owners are accommodating and helpful to your needs. Pat is a pleasure to talk to and knows just what to suggest in case your unsure of what your looking for. The flowers are always fresh and beautiful and last much longer than any other florist. The prices are affordable for the occasion you need them for. I recommend Lohse Florist for all your floral needs.
-Wanda Searles-
Pat made absolutely gorgeous arrangements for my daughters reception. Her bouquets and corsages were also beautiful and even better than we had imagined. The flowers are still beautiful! Thank you so much for making our day so special. Also thanks for doubling our order last minute and all with a smile!! You have been sending my family beautiful and creative arrangements for years and you make everything so easy! Thank you so very much!!
-Penny Rivenburg-
I very much enjoyed my experience with Lohse Florist! They were willing to work with me for my wedding bouquet and designed exactly what I wanted! It made my special day even more special.
-Brielle Macbeth Rovito-
The custom arrangements that were made for my mother in laws viewing were just gorgeous. I was so pleased with the quality and customer service. I would recommend them to anyone.
-Patti Jarabek-
I had an idea of the color and type of rose I wanted and they understood and found the desired flower for me.  They ordered the fresh flowers for me, cut them to the size I needed for the centerpieces, made my bouquet and made a silk flower arrangement for the archway out of flowers I purchased elsewhere. She packaged everything for travel for me. She was relaxing and assuring to talk to. I was concerned that the flowers and especially the bouquet wouldn't stay firm outside of a cooler for 3 days, but they did! Great service from a local vendor.

We are so pleased with the beautiful arrangement that was (very promptly) delivered to my mother-in-law. It did the trick to brighten her day and show her our love. Excellent customer service and gorgeous flowers - thank you!
-‎Gaela Schweizer-
Thank you for doing such a beautiful job! The flowers really pulled everything togethe
-‎Hannah Katherine-
Good prices good service
-Kyle Capparello-
I had a specific modern vision for my flowers for my wedding and she totally knocked it out of the park! Would recommend to everyone! 
-Marra Sturgess-

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